Working with the team at APLS has been a highlight of my career. As the AOR at Danaher for paid media, and then later as the AOR at Acuity Brands for SEO and Paid Media, the depth and breadth of experience that APLS brings to the table is impressive. But beyond expertise, what makes APLS stand out is their commitment to doing the job right. As a partner for the last 9 years across many roles and industries, APLS has consistently produced unmatched results alongside a stellar customer experience. It is for these reasons that I readily recommend APLS to the organization looking to hire the brightest minds in the performance marketing space.

Daniel Englebretson Co-founder + Head of Client Services, Khronos

I love working with APLS! What I REALLY appreciate is their high quality of work, attention to detail, and ability to provide a product that far exceeds the original ask. Additionally, I’ve never felt like I was dealing with a vendor – they become invested in the company and its success. They truly become part of the team. After every call, it feels like a weight is lifted off my shoulders because they are in my corner, rolling up their sleeves to help problem solve whatever issues I’m facing. I recommend APLS to anyone looking for a strong strategic partner for growth!

Alexi Drago Director of Marketing + E-commerce, Spartina 449

Lisa and Ami have a natural ability to connect the dots and build a cohesive and integrated strategy across an organization’s marketing…they not only challenge organizations to be better, they invest their time into training teams to think differently about how they go about business. Whether you’re looking to provide your team with a training resource, or looking for someone to set the course for your digital strategy, APLS brings the expertise needed to take you to the next level.

Eric Bergman Vice President of Client Services, BrightEdge

I’ve worked with Ami and Lisa in several different capacities, but one thing always remains the same: they are committed to driving results. They have a knack for finding the right buttons to push to help businesses achieve growth, and are not afraid to try new things to get you where you want to go. This makes them an incredibly valuable asset to any business and I highly recommend them if you are looking to transform your digital marketing strategy.

Chandler Galt Director of Contact Center Marketing, RingCentral

Ami and Lisa know what they are doing. They’ll take time to understand your business, develop a cohesive strategy around your goals, and provide you with the tactical game plan to execute. They’re a great resource for us, and highly recommend them for any organization looking to get more out of their digital efforts.

Edward Tabakman CMO, WPIC

APLS quickly jumped in, was able to assess the efficacy of our spend, and, despite being paid a percentage of our media spend, quickly recommended we cut cost significantly on some channels while improving performance on others. The team enjoys working with them. 

François Dufour Acting CMO, Drip

APLS finds a way to get things done.  They always provide the focus our team needs to align around the big picture and make decisions.  APLS is the consultative voice that is pushing the most important things forward and thinking about what’s going to drive the greatest impact to the business.  It’s very rare to find consultants who always have their client’s best interest in mind – APLS is that partner.

Hai Ngo Project Manager / Shopify Consultant

Ami and Lisa have been pivotal in driving not only my own professional success, but also driving success for clients. They possess an innate ability to build teams and develop talent, and with their leadership, help individuals and teams think strategically. They ask the right questions, and constantly seek new levels of improvement across a variety of areas. You can rely on them to put forth energy and enthusiasm day in and day out – which has allowed them to become revered partners for those who work with them.

Alan Ng Project Manager, RevJet

Simply put, APLS equipped me with the tools and guidance I needed to be successful. They always pushed me to strive for more, never be complacent, and actively seek out opportunities to learn and perfect my skills. They challenged me to be better, and encouraged me to solve problems before asking questions – allowing me to become more confident in my decisions. APLS’ leadership accelerated my growth and not be afraid to try new things. No matter how things turned out, they were always willing to provide constructive feedback – whether it be directly related to my role, or how I communicate with others. Because of APLS’ expertise passed along to me, I’ve become confident, been able to grow within my role, and now lead a successful team of my own.

Ali Smith Marketing Manager, Acuity Brands

Working with Lisa has been (and continues to be) an outstanding experience. Her thorough attention to detail gives her the ability to understand the intricacies of each project, thus significantly improving and streamlining our overall processes. By taking a holistic approach and encouraging the team to follow suit, Lisa not only sets us up for success in the near term but down the road as well. She makes sure to explain the “why” behind her recommendations while maintaining a steadfast focus on helping the company drive the Digital business. Lisa is an absolute pleasure to work with!

Alex Knight Senior Manager of Ecommerce Merchandising, ALEX AND ANI

Ami & Lisa have been pivotal in helping me grow as a digital marketing & SEO professional. I’ve seen firsthand their ability to build teams and develop talent from the ground up. While working with them at the agency, I moved from supporting on accounts to managing a team that handled up to 15 campaigns per month. Their processes allowed for this growth and efficiency. In regards to leading a digital campaign strategy, they’re as good as it gets. They provide a holistic approach to SEO, and know how to get the most value and impact from SEM campaigns. I hope to work with them again in the future!

Glenn Zabal Senior SEO Manager

Lisa and Ami are results-driven professionals who are super knowledgeable about all forms of digital marketing. If you’re looking to boost your traffic, leads, and revenue, give them a shot.

Kevin Smith Technical Marketing Writer, LaunchDarkly

Key Results


increase in monthly website revenue


improvement in conversion rate


improvement in leads from LinkedIn


found in wasted monthly spend


YoY organic revenue


increase in monthly organic traffic


YoY increase in organic conversions


YoY increase in organic revenue


increase keywords on page 1


YoY increase in organic traffic

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